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{Personal Post – Happy New Year! | Fredericksburg Virginia Fine Art Boudoir


This past year has brought many curve balls to my personal life but it has also has rewarded me with more than I could EVER imagine possible.  I am so beyond thrilled I am able to return back to the photography world and create art for my beautiful clients.  2016 has been a year of growth and many challenges that have allowed me to pursue a dream I had made many years ago.   I have been able to recharge, rebuild and revamp just about everything in my life, including my business that is basically my baby. This year also has brought some of the greatest memories that I could ever have asked for.  When I was laid off from my full-time job this past October my husband and I talked about what I should do. He encouraged me to get back out there and start again.  At first, I had cold feet and I was scared to death I would fail again. Then a good friend reminded me that I never did fail.  Then reminded me that I never did fail. He spoke and told me “You took the time to tend to your children which are what any mother would do.  You did not fail, rami.  When you put aside things you love to care for the ones you love.  Sometimes choosing priorities is more important than trying to succeed at everything at once. In time you will get back up and you will regain your strength to continue to pursue your dreams when the time is right.  Failure is when you give up and refuse to try again.  You never give up, you are a fighter!  Go big or go home!  I took his words of encouragement and decided to run with it. What do I have to lose?  In the end,  I am so glad I did and was able to take that time recharge myself to be able to be better at my craft.

The New Year is full of many wonderful and BIG opportunities for Black Lace Boudoir.   The first biggest change is this gorgeous website!  It has been definitely creating a new found appreciate to all of those who design websites for a living. I give you major props!  That is just ONE of the biggest changes for 2017.  The other is that we are branching out into New York and other states in-between.  Yes, that is right!  I really am excited for this and the fact I am able to share this amazing experience with more women outside of Virginia.  My goal for 2017 is being able to go as far as my dreams can take me and if anything I hope to be able to travel and connect with more women and other photographers.    It has been a dream to be able to make a difference in people and now I have the opportunity to do it with my clients even more than before.

 The fact I can change one women’s outlook on herself is a HUGE deal for me. So many women lack confidence and so many do not see their real and true beauty.  It breaks my heart that so many struggles with the image of themselves and how they are supposed to look because the media and Hollywood continue to share women who have been dramatically photograph to look near perfect.  Ladies, you have to believe me that you are BEAUTIFUL they way you are NOW, not when you lose 10 lbs or another silly excuse.  I want to share with women their nature REAL beauty.  That is exactly why I started this business.  My personal struggles with self-confidence have always been with me. We all struggle no matter what.  I know that I cannot make someone completely change their entire outlook on themselves that would be way too easy. However, if I had the powers to do it I would do it in a heartbeat.  I can, however, offer an experience that women need.  Women need to feel pampered!  Women need to learn to love themselves!  Women need to see their TRUE and REAL beauty the way they are without Hollywood photoshop.  Women deserve to have a day to themselves and to feel confidence in their own skin.  That is what Boudoir means to me.  A lot of my clients purchase a boudoir session to gift it their spouse or love one and I think it truly is the best gift. It brings couples closer together. It encourages them to explore their sexuality and create a new found love for one another’s bodies. The best gift of all, though, is when my clients think they are only creating a gift for someone else but leave feeling more confident and empowered by the experience. That small little boost of confidence can make ANY women feel like they have conquered. Then they realize in the middle of it all that they have gift themselves something life changing.  When you are having a rough day you will be able to look through your albums or see that stunning woman looking back at you on your wall and think to yourself “Wow, That is me. I am beautiful.”  That is all it takes.  That simple quick look at yourself and it helps you.  I am speaking from experience of my own boudoir session, which I recently booked another!  I am also speaking from what my past clients have shared with me.  Their stories have created an amazing testimonial for others who are curious about booking their own boudoir session.  Yes, it is very common that many of you are nervous about the idea.  It is normal to feel that way, but I promise you that you will not regret it!

That is my 2017 is going to be better than ever before.  I hope to work with more women and be able to make a difference in their outlook of themselves. Explore the world and connect with other artists alike.  I challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone so I truly use my full potential to create artwork for my clients.  The best of all to continue to blow my client’s mind when they are seeing their images for the first time.

Let this year be the year YOU step outside your comfort zone and gift yourself a well deserved day of pampering!
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