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How to present boudoir as a gift

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The gift that keeps giving

Boudoir portraits make for a perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Not only are you building your self esteem you are enhancing your love life and giving a true one of a kind gift to the person you hold close to you in life. You do not have to do boudoir to gift it to anyone, it can be for you and only you, but in the case that you wish to share these pictures with anyone we will go over a few of the different ways you can do that, let’s get started.

Boudoir Album

Photo Album

The best thing about purchasing an album is that they not just any ole album. They are gorgeous and beautifully hold all of your photos and look just as good on the outside as the amazing portraits that await you inside. Albums can be customized to your liking, you can add to the album, maybe a little note explaining why you wanted to gift a boudoir photo session, or a poem expressing your love for the person receiving the album. Also you can get a smaller version of the album for that special someone to take with them if you happen to be in relationship with some one who has to be away a lot, a gentle reminder of what is waiting for them back at home.

Jump Drive

This is really tiny, so if you go this route and do not want to risk someone accidently finding it because you misplaced it, be sure to store this in a safe place where you know where it is at. If the one you hold dear is someone who is computer savvy or does most of their work on a computer this a perfect little keepsake for them. You can also print the pictures off of the drive from your boudoir photo session and you can surprise them a second time by displaying the pictures in a special way!

Boudoir Photography, Washington DC

Canvas/Metal Print

Canvas art is so beautiful all on its own. Displayed in a bedroom or in your partners personal home office. When you have this done just be sure it is a photo you are willing to proudly display and that you would not mind if someone else happened to see it. Boudoir photography is an intimate process that you may not be okay with everyone having a look at. You can tell your professional boudoir photographer what ideas you have and what you want on the canvas and they will make that happen for you.

Black Lace Boudoir; Providing many options to gift your boudoir

Black Lace Boudoir is located in Washington DC. She has much experience in working with couples and those who want to do a boudoir session on their own. Creating beautiful keepsakes to look back on and enjoy for a long time. Boudoir photography is a gift that keeps giving. If you are looking to book a professional boudoir session in the Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond and surrounding areas check out Black Lace’s site to book yours now!


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