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How Will I Feel After My Boudoir Session

This is a very commonly asked question among women who are looking into joining in on this movement that is gaining popularity by the day. The reason it is on the rise is because of the aftermath from the shoot and how you feel during it. In this article I will try to share the most common emotions women and men alike gain from this experience which will most likely leave you wanting to do another one as soon as you can. If you think about posting a selfie on your social media you want it to be perfect, and most of the time we use filters to feel beautiful. In Boudoir you have no filters on this is raw and real, the only difference is that you have a professional behind the lens who has experience with angles and lighting that take the place of a filter. The lighting highlights all your natural gorgeous features and allows you to see yourself in a completely different manor.

You will leave a totally different person

The woman who walks into the studio is not the same one who walks out the door after it is all said and done. When you walk in knowing this day has arrived you may feel ready to empower yourself but you will not know the depth of that power until you are lit up in front of the camera feeling like the fiercest woman on the planet. We all like to feel beautiful and we like to feel unstoppable. I know it may seem far fetched to assume that just some pictures can pack this big of a bunch to your mental health, but trust me it does. When you have a friend say to you ” girl you need to try a boudoir shoot to boost that ego” you should not take that lightly, this is designed to make you feel beautiful in your own skin and to push yourself beyond your limits and to escape your comfort zone. You will leave the session feeling powerful and confident. The drive you will feel to let the world see you shine is unmatched.

Mental Health

Are you going through a divorce? Weight loss? Pregnancy? Self Esteem issues in general? If you answered yes to any of those, then Boudoir is your magical weapon tp beat those blues. As we know it is not healthy to degrade yourself or to not love the skin you are in and wear everyday, we still tend to be our own worst enemy and toughest critic. All of that is natural, but the complex part is figuring out how to stop feeling al of those negative emotions attached to all of it. Boudoir is not just sexy pictures to be naughty, they are pictures to make you see who you are. The mind is a very powerful weapon and it can play tricks on us. You see your reflection every day that is an every single day thing, so you begin to pick yourself apart and decide so many things are wrong with how you look. The goal is make you see that is not the case, you are beautiful, you do matter, and your beauty is ready to be seen. This is not about being egotistical it is to make you comfortable with that woman looking back at you every morning in the mirror. If you feel defeated and mentally exhausted with life, do yourself a favor and fight back with body positivity and it can heal those mean thoughts you hold about yourself inside your own mind. Book your session today, what do you have to lose? nothing, but you have a whole lot of healing to gain.


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