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Not a girly girl? Boudoir for the everyday woman

You may call yourself a tomboy or just a very casual girl. That is 100% okay for your Boudoir session. If you are booking in the Virginia area, have no worries because many women from the mountains are not ones that you typically see with full make up and hair done. Lot’s of women struggle with hair and make up, it just isn’t something that interest you. Boudoir is still something for you and you still need confidence and self love cause it does not matter what walk of life we come from, we could all use a little help in that area. In this article I will show you some down played boudoir what I mean by that is, not all done up just a casual sexy look.


To get a gorgeous photograph you do not have to be dressed to the tee. You can be simple and casual. No one will hold it against you. Some women do not view “sexy” as big hair and lots of sparkle, they see simple and gentle. In this example photo you can see a woman who is giving a small glimpse of sexuality, she is not done up to the max, just elegance, with a hint of scandalous. This is a great example of why you must discuss with the photographer exactly what your own vision is so the photos hold true to the point you are looking to make.

Grunge Style

This style fits a woman who is more emo/punk and not so much glitz and glamour. She is expressing her different style ideal. It is still beautiful and classy and extremely expressive boudoir art. This is a very expressive form of boudoir, and it is unique in its own special way, that alone is the entire focus of Boudoir, the unique individuality of each and every single woman


This is another popular choice among woman who are not about getting glammed up. You can use costume props in your photos, and it adds a whole new element to the finished product. The wings in this example photograph are a nice touch to her photo. She is in her lingerie but also expressing her innocents all at the same time

In Closing;

You can mix up your boudoir session however you feel suits you best, what many do not fully understand is that this is all about the woman being photographed. Capturing her features, and giving you a glimpse inside their soul. A picture is worth a thousand words. You can see the emotions in a photograph, and can almost feel like you are in the moment with them. It does not matter if you are that girl who wear six inch heels every day or the girl who would rather wear boots or sneakers, your beauty is there and the unique style you have can and will be displayed in the pictures when the session is complete and you will not feel disappointed!


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