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I’m Nervous About My Boudoir Session!

How to Calm Down Pre-Session Nerves

Calming down pre-session nerves with some easy techniques!

Let’s be completely honest here: Boudoir Sessions are nerve-wracking! I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a first-time client tell me she wasn’t nervous when she arrives at the studio. That’s completely normal! 

I book a boudoir session for myself every year or two and I still get nervous right before them! I’m an overthinker so the 1-2 days before a session are the WORST for me! I get so nervous about who I’m going to work with, what I’m going to wear, and if I’ll be judged for the way I look!

And you know what? Every single time I find that I was worrying over nothing! So I’ve started working on some tricks to help settle my nerves before the session. 

Looking At Past Sessions

Smile as you check out your past session photos to help calm down your pre-session nerves!

I know that this is only applicable to folks who have had sessions previously, but it’s the best way for me to calm down before a session! I’ll look past some of my past photos and remember how amazing I felt during that session. 

I’ll remember that I do this for myself and that I am badass! Nothing can get me down! Not even the dreaded pre-session nerves!

Research Your Photographer

This is a big thing here at Black Lace Boudoir. The biggest reason I have a required “Meet & Greet” video call with my clients within 14 days of their booking is to get to know them. I want to know your interests, vision, your entire “vibe”! This way, when you come in for a session, you don’t feel like you’re wearing lingerie in front of a total stranger. 

We already know each other. We’ve met and chatted! I promise you, knowing the person behind the camera makes the BIGGEST difference! You can also check out photographers’ websites and read their bios! Get an inside perspective of your photographer to feel a little more connected during your session.

Check Out The Portfolio

If you’re starting to worry about being judged for your body type, please check out your photographer’s portfolio! Boudoir photographers pride themselves on being inclusive and being able to show all body types in their art. 

I always find that looking at the Instagram of my photographer helps to calm me down because it emphasizes just how beautiful every body type is. No matter what you look like, you will shine! 


This is a technique that can be applied to almost any stress-inducing aspect of life! Take a little time to find a quiet, comfortable place to sit down. You can sit, lie down, or float in a pool if that makes you happy! Just make sure not to round your shoulders 😉 

Take deep breaths through your nose, hold, and then slowly release through your mouth. You can find some pretty amazing guided meditations online if you’d rather follow someone.

Take a deep breath. Now another. And again. Are you still nervous or do you feel better?

Wear Your Lingerie!

Go ahead! Put ’em on! Prance around your room! Get comfortable in your outfit – it will make you feel so much more comfortable during your session! Plus! It’ll help you double-check that it makes you feel good! 

Those were some of my tips! Do you have any that have helped you with pre-session nerves? Let me know! Email me at: rami@blacklaceboudoir.net

Do you have questions about a boudoir session or are you ready to book your own? Let’s chat! Use this link to schedule your free, no-obligation phone consultation. 

Trying on your lingerie can be a major helper when it comes to calming down pre-session nerves!


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