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Is connecting with your community a good thing?

community events in Downtown Fredericksburg

We are back for another monthly community newsletter sharing all the upcoming events and news around the studio. August will be a busier month for us, but I welcome the busy season after taking most of the summer off to spend it with my family. This month is also bittersweet as my two older girls celebrate birthdays, and my oldest is heading to high school. Any moms who have high schoolers, I need all the tips!!!

Lately, I have felt like Facebook has become more of a daunting task than an exciting place to connect. I brought this up with the team and we planned a time to chat. When we all sat down we found that wanted to find a way to stay connected and still be present on social media. It also doesn’t help that reaching our followers has become increasingly difficult. Much of that has to do with the fact that I am not a huge fan of reels or creating dancing videos of myself, but I also understand the importance of staying relevant in a constantly changing world.

After pondering how I could remain creative without forcing myself to be trendy. I hosted a meeting with my innovative team to dig deep into where we put our time and energy the most. It was so refreshing to hear back from my creative team and listen to their ideas.

You may have noticed that we are posting as much in the group. That is because we’ve shifted our presence more to newsletters and reels. We’ve found it easier to communicate this way while getting all the details to you directly rather than blasting you with @ in the group or creating chats that you hate. As much as I find these tools helpful to reach those less active in the group, some are not a fan, which is fair if you are constantly added to things you didn’t sign up for. So that is why we decided to take a break and put some energy into other areas. Like going live or showing my face more. Though Reels are still not my favorite, showing myself more in action is pushing outside of my comfort zone.

community events in Downtown Fredericksburg

Connecting with you community after covid:

Some other great news is I have decided to branch outside of the studio more and get connected with the community. Covid prevented so many of us from hosting and attending events. I won’t lie; I got used to staying home and avoiding people. However, this has prevented me from getting to know my community, and since I have been downtown for three years, it is time to break old habits.  If you are hosting any upcoming events for 2023 we would love to know about it! We are really looking forward to connecting with so many of you and getting to enjoy the beauty that downtown has to offer.

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