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Who is the artist, and what is her story?

Meet your Photographer

Meet Rami. Rami developed a love for taking pictures and capturing precious moments. Those moments that you want to remember and to be able to look back on forever. Knowing that we never appreciate a moment until it is a memory. She wanted to give the world the ability to hold onto those forever. Rami states as to her why for doing what she loves, ” I want to encourage other women to embrace their stories and own them. A survivor of an abusive relationship and childhood, I know how important it is to own our stories and not allow our past to define our future. The first time I saw the images from my session with a friend, it brought tears to my eyes. (the right kind) I felt overwhelmed by the emotions, and I knew I needed to help other women in the same way in my heart.” Rami has a powerful story from behind the camera, which inspires her to continue to open the door for so many other women to find themselves and to heal and feel the empowerment a boudoir session gives them.

A Little of her story that inspired her journey, Rami states

, “ In 2012, I was faced with the reality of my first marriage not being my forever, the struggles of what was to come of being a single mother, but worst….. learning to cope with losing a baby, I had hoped to mend my dying marriage. All this hit me at once, which left me roaming this earth for answers. Boudoir was just a small step in the right direction. It allowed me to take control over my story and see that I was worthy of so much more than I had ever given myself credit. At that moment, I sat staring at my images that I realized that Boudoir was officially where my heart needed to be. I wanted to help other women who were in different seasons in their life love their bodies, their minds, and their stories.” She is most certainly very relatable to women and the struggles most of us have faced.

Capturing Stories

When you meet Rami, she is soft-spoken and very kind. She automatically makes you feel safe and comfortable. Rami is very relatable, and that is what most of us really cling to when dealing with struggles in life. Most Boudoir photographers did not find their passion the way Rami did, she found her passion through struggle and surviving the obstacles life threw at her, and she wants all of her clients to know they, too, have that power. Rami knows that some clients want that comfort, so she offers the opportunity for you as the client to have a meet and greet before your actual session. This way, you are building a relationship and growing trust and knowing that you are in safe hands. To ease those camera-shy jitters.

Her mission is to help women throughout whatever journey they are on, whether it’s to celebrate a recent engagement or upcoming wedding anniversary, or maybe you have reached a milestone in your life that you wish to document, or perhaps it’s a far deeper connection you want to celebrate. No matter what it may be, you are looking to celebrate or find. Rami is here to help you overcome and to leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. One thing is for certain you will not leave her studio the same woman you entered as. Book your session with Rami, and let her work her magic behind the camera. The first step to healing is starting to love yourself, and a boudoir session is a perfect start to your story that is just beginning.

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