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Plus Size Boudoir Photography

Blacklace Boudoir Photography

Plus size boudoir photography is all about empowering women to be their authentic selves and to celebrate them as they are. This is true for all women, including plus-size women, who are often excluded from fashion, modelling, and many other industries that subscribe to very rigid societal standards of beauty. 

At Black Lace Boudoir, a top boudoir studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia, we want our plus size clients to look and feel every bit as beautiful as they naturally are for their plus size boudoir photography session. As such, our closet contains outfits in various styles and sizes for plus size women to choose from for their photography session. We also give plus-size women the option to bring their own props and outfits that best fit their personalities, individual styles, and fashion tastes.

Of course, there is sometimes the question of “what clothes and props CAN I bring to a boudoir session?” One of the wonderful things about boudoir photography is that it’s not all nudity and sexy lingerie. At Blacklace Boudoir, we prioritize the comfort of our clients above everything else and never pressure women into doing anything outside of their comfort zone; this applies to wardrobe as well. 

When thinking about wardrobe, there are plenty of things to consider such as the types of clothes to wear and the material they’re made of. There are also things like texture to think about and whether the wardrobe is fitted or loose-fitting. The types of shoes and jewelry – if any – also come to mind, as well as any other items and accessories that hold any significant meaning to you!

Types of Clothes to Wear

Blacklace Boudoir Photography

During a boudoir photography session, there is no shortage of clothes for plus-size women to wear. What our clients ultimately choose to wear for their session will always boil down to personal preference and there is no right or wrong way to go about this. A plus-size woman, for example, may have a favorite dress that she feels sexy in and may want to wear for her session. That favorite dress can even be a wedding dress!

Another plus-size woman may be a huge fan of leather and may decide to wear a leather jacket for her session. On the other end of the spectrum, a plus-size woman may love denim and way want to wear a jean jacket to her session. Other plus-size women may enjoy wearing fishnets or tight-fitting clothes that show off their wonderful curves. Some plus-size women may enjoy being a tease and wear loose-fitting shirts that show off her sexy shoulders and legs, which can included lightly-buttoned men-sized shirts.

And of course, at a plus-size women are always welcome to wear traditionally sexy clothes as well, from sexy lingerie, nighties, robes, and even sexy underwear to their session. Anything that achieves the desired look is always welcome!

Shoes, Props, and Accessories

Blacklace Boudoir Photography

Another item of interest that boils down to personal taste is footwear. While many plus-size women may choose to be barefoot for their photography session, others may have a favorite pair of shoes they like to wear. This could be a pair of high heels that makes a plus-size woman feel sexy. This can even be a pair of high-heel boots, or better yet, laced boots!

Accessories and items of significant value to plus size women can also enhance the boudoir experience. One of these items can be jewelry like an engagement ring. It can even be jewelry that brings attention to certain parts of the body like earrings and necklaces, which draw attention to the neck and shoulder areas. 

Hair accessories are also welcome in a boudoir photo session, as well as any other accessories like veils, scarfs, and hats. Some accessories don’t have to be a tangible object and can be as simple as makeup, manicures, and pedicures. Any props that a plus-size woman brings to her session can be anything that speaks to her personality or hobbies. These can be anything from flowers, sports gear, or even something as sexy as a cat o’ nine tails as long as the woman is comfortable bringing them.

To learn more about plus size boudoir photography sessions, contact Black Lace Boudoir! Our luxury boudoir studio located in Virginia serves individuals from all around the country. To get an idea of what to expect during a boudoir session, feel free to check out our boudoir portfolio!


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