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The boudoir session process, start to finish

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography goes all the way back to the 1940s and has been growing ever since. This type of photography often has a playful, provocative look, with nudity that is implied rather than shown. When you take boudoir portraits, you’re portraying your subject in a sensual, intimate way. Creating strong boudoir photos requires a thoughtful approach to your subject’s body, clothing, and personality.

First Things First

You first need to decide what it is exactly you are looking for in a boudoir shoot, what is the main take away from it that you are seeking. This can be for empowerment, or just because you want to give your partner a special gift. Be sure to talk to your photographer about why you want to have this session that way they know what all to discuss with you. The photographer will need to know how far you want to take the shoot, down to what you will want to wear and what features you wish to have stand out. This is all important to the process. Take time to do research of Boudoir Photographers in your area and check out their work and their specific style. Do not rush your process, and it will be as smooth as it needs to be, and you will be relaxed and comfortable.

What happens at a boudoir photo shoot?

Here is what you can expect the most out of your session, You will for sure have fun. Getting your hair and makeup done, chat and get comfy with the photographer, playing dress, and it is one heck of an experience for everyone involved. The morning of your session, you will have your hair and makeup on point (unless of course you want to go with an all natural look, which is completely fine and at your discretion) You may want to have a drink before your shoot, this is discouraged due to it can make you look tired in your pictures as well as make you feel tired. After you are all dressed up, you will change into your first or only boudoir attire. Most photographers will ease you into the more revealing shoots, it is to build your level of comfort.

Have Nothing To Wear?

Do not stress yourself out if you cannot find something to wear for the day of your session, this is a common thing. Most Boudoir Photographers have closets set up with attire for you to rummage through and pick from. You have an array of choices to pick from. Be sure to ask whoever is doing your session if they have one of these closets you can look through and the sizes available etc.

The process of a professional boudoir shoot is not a hard one. If you follow steps to ensure it can all go off without any major mishaps and your mind can be clear and ready to go when you arrive to have your portraits made. Do not be intimated by what you see in magazines or what the world tells us is the definition of feeling sexy and seductive, we each carry our own version of what that is and that is what makes you and your photos unique, none are the same, cause we all are different, and that is the beauty and appeal of Boudoir.


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