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What not to bring to your boudoir session

As you are planning this new experience, you may be asking yourself what can I not bring to my session. In this article we will discuss things that are discouraged to come with you to your special day, and I will give a short explanation as to why this is not such a great idea. Let’s take a look at what most Boudoir Photographers advice against bringing to your session!

Dangly Necklaces

I know one would think that wearing a longer classy necklace would be the ideal piece of jewelry to wear for your photo shoot, but actually, it is discouraged for some poses. The reason being is, dangly necklaces do not lay right for floor poses or laying down poses which can make the necklace more of a choker. Also, another issue with certain necklaces can be more of a distraction in pictures and cannot be edited out if you do not like the look. If you are wanting to go with necklaces we recommend body chains or body jewelry! Body jewelry is a grest alternative to necklaces!

Kitten Heels

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, you are thinking ” Isn’t Boudoir supposed to be sexy and seductive”? We recommend bring those cute pair of stilettos that may not get much use! The longer heel is more ideal for boudoir. If you aren’t used to walking in heels that is okay! Heels are mainly just a prop so walking isn’t necessary. Don’t have heels? Don’t stress! We have PLENTY of heels in various sizes, colors, and styles at our studio you can use during your session. For those who prefer a more natural look going barefoot is just as sexy! In a Boudoir Session, the saying ” Less is more” You may find that many of my clients don’t wear shoes at all. So don’t feel the need to rush out and buy the red bottoms for your session.

What not to bring to a boudoir session

Tight Fitting Clothing

You want to come to your Boudoir Photo session comfortable and not feeling like you are going to burst out of your seams. Tight fitting bras, underwear, jeans, and shirts are advised against, you want to size up one size for your shoot, the goal is to dress your body and love your body. It is not worth being uncomfortable and dealing with clothes pinches, go ahead and solve the problem before it can become one. Go out and buy you new under garments and make this even more focused on the “ME” time you definitely are deserving of.

What not to bring to a boudoir session

Bad Attitude

You do not want to come to your session feeling anything but amazing and ready to shine! If you happen to have a bad day the day of the shoot, take a breather and collect yourself, cause your body language will tell exactly where your head is in the photos that will be taken. Do not go into your shoot with the idea this is just some pictures for your partner if that is why you are doing it, make this completely about you and for you! As women we never get to just let loose and be expressive due to fear of being judged, this is that moment to take all the weight off your shoulders and let the photographer capture each glimpse of that glow you have! Shine it is your day where nothing else needs to matter but that fierce woman inside of you who is itching to see the spotlight!


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