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Things to know before signing a boudoir contract

We have all had to sign a contract at one point or another. Often times we read over it really fast and just sign our names thinking no issues could ever arise, until they do. A contract is a written or spoken agreement, this is intended to be enforced by law if need be. Not only does the person who is having a service provided need a contract but so does the photographer who is taking the photographs. You may be saying “Why do I need a contract for a boudoir session?” Because it is always a smart idea to cover your bases and have an agreement between two people or more. In this article we will discuss a few things regarding a contract and why you may need. If you are not planning on allowing use of any of your photos you need not read any further. This is only if you are allowing your pictures to be used as promotion for the photographer.

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One very common mistake that is made by adults every day is blindly signing a contract. The reason for contracts is so two parties agree to the terms and the services, that way both parties are happy and covered if any problems were to arise. Considering you are doing boudoir, you will need a model release contract. A model release is a document that the model or client signs that grants the photographer permission to use publicly or privately their images from the photo shoot on your website, social media, marketing materials, or elsewhere that is specified, for a specific purpose, i.e. marketing, promotion, entering photo contests, etc.

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How Is A Boudoir Model Release Different From A Regular Model Release?

There is not a huge massive difference in the two. The only difference between them is that with a boudoir model release it states at the beginning that the client/model is a willing participant in the boudoir photo session. and understands that it may or may not include partial nudity, implied nudity, or even full nudity.  This is so that there’s no mistake as to what kind of photo shoot the model or client is taking part in and the kinds of images that will be produced from that shoot. Contracts are just another way to be with peace of mind and know you have it, sure you may never need it, but in case you do, you and the photographer do have it. Be sure to ask questions, and add or discuss taking away from the contract until you are comfortable with it, within reason.


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