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Questions to ask during boudoir consult

Making a choice always leaves you with many questions, cause let’s be honest we all tend to second guess ourselves with choices we make for ourselves. Boudoir is an investment none regret, but it is good to have questions ready to go just so you can form a bond and trust with the photographer as well as give yourself peace of mind. Booking a boudoir session is a big decision. For most, it’s an intimate experience akin to a bucket list adventure activity or permanent tattoo. You want to know you can trust the person you’re booking with and connect with their work. In order to help you with this process I am going to go over some of the questions you will want to cover in the consult with your professional boudoir photographer.


Just because someone can take some really good selfies does not make them a professional boudoir photographer. You get what you pay for, and that is a good rule of thumb to remember. Look for someone with experience photographing a broad range of clientele, i.e. age, size, comfort level, etc. Many photographers will have experience with semi or professional models, but it’s much more important to have shot real clients in a variety of scenarios. Ask them how long they have been in the business, and ask to see some of their work. The best of the best of course is Black Lace Boudoir in the beautiful state of Virginia.

Ask them what makes them different

Keep in mind that Boudoir is an art, a talent. Not many have. It is also a business, the outcome you want is someone who is talented and professional all at the same time. The passion behind the camera will show in your photographs, the love for the job speaks volumes be sure to listen to how they present themselves to you. Ask them about the poses they use and if they tend to be repetitive on those, or if you will be doing several different poses. Each photographer is different and have a different eye for behind the lens.


Do not hesitate to ask about the staff that works with the company you are speaking with. If you are nervous ask them what the staff can do or will do to make you feel more at ease in the process. You want the staff and the photographer to have a professional bed side manner. If you feel comfortable and at ease your photographs will be amazing but if you are feeling out of your element that discern will be noticeable in the pictures. You may also be wondering if someone can come with you the day of your session, the answer to this may vary depending on each business. Sometimes it is not a good idea to bring anyone because you are more apt to be nervous and more self conscious with having someone in the room that you know on a personal level, fear of judgement etc. that too will show in the final product. If you’re looking to a friend for guidance throughout the shoot rather than trusting the photographer, the final outcome could suffer because your distraction may come through on camera.

No question is wrong

It is important to understand that any professional is not going to have a problem with answering any of the questions you may have. If they refuse then I would move onto the next photographer. If the company you are looking into gives you a tough time about any concerns you have that is indeed a red flag and you should abort mission and go on the hunt for a well prepared professional whose only interest is making sure you are happy and pleased with the entire process, including the Q&A portion. Questions are always good, the more you know the less anxiety you will have and you can show up for the day of the session ready to go with a clear mindset to just be yourself and have the best day ever, all about you and embracing that.


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