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Tips For Building Trust With Boudoir Photography Clients In Fredericksburg, VA

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Looking to build trust with your boudoir photography clients? Boudoir photography is an intimate form of photography that celebrates the diversity of female beauty. During a boudoir photo session, clients will often be wearing minimal clothing and can even be nude under a bedsheet or a single article of clothing. Since the nature of boudoir photography often entails some degree of nudity from the client, it can understandably be outside of many women’s comfort zone. 

Fortunately for women thinking about doing a boudoir session, professional photographers in Fredericksburg, Virginia, like Black Lace Boudoir – prioritize client comfort. In fact, a huge aspect of a successful boudoir photography client session is the photographer’s ability to build trust with their clients, and this starts before a client agrees to book a session.

How exactly does a professional boudoir photographer build trust with boudoir clients? It starts with the photographer asking the client the right type of questions.

1. A Boudoir Photographer Builds Trust By Asking What Images Inspire The Client The Most

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The first step to breaking the ice with potential clients is to start with a more basic, general question: “what pictures or images inspire you the most?”

Every client is different and everyone is going to have a different idea about what this means. Since boudoir photography is all about showcasing the diversity of female beauty, every woman will share a variety of images they find inspiring. Some will have a recurring theme to them and others will not. In either case, listening to clients’ ideas about what they find inspiring is a great way to start building trust with those clients.

2. A Boudoir Photographer Asks The Client About Any Trouble Spots

Boudoir Photo Sessions with Black Lace Boudoir who buildings trust with boudoir photography clients through clear communication.

Build trust with your boudoir photography clients by asking them if they have any trouble spots they don’t want photographed. See if there are any aspects of their bodies they are self-conscious of and would like to keep hidden.

Since women live in a world where their bodies are constantly evaluated and judged, even women who would be thought of as conventionally attractive by society will have what is known as “trouble spots.” These are details of the body women may feel embarrassed by or may not want to showcase during their photoshoot. Understanding what areas your client want’s avoided during the boudoir photography session, will help you build trust with them.

While boudoir photography welcomes diversity and doesn’t put pressure on women to look perfect, boudoir photographers also prioritize women’s comfort and will understand if they don’t want to bare all.

Some women may have scars or moles they don’t want to appear in their images, and that’s perfectly fine. Other women may not be happy about the presence of stretch marks or cellulitis and may want to showcase the aspects of their body they are proud of, which a photographer will respect.

3. A Boudoir Photographer Asks About Physical Limitations

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As part of a boudoir photographer’s responsibility to prioritize clients’ comfort, you can build trust with your boudoir photography client by asking if they have any physical limitations. This is important for knowing if there are certain poses they may not be able to do or if they’ll require any assistance during their session. It’s also important to be aware of any physical limitations in order to identify any objects in the studio that could be potentially unsafe for them. 

Physical limitations can include anything from physical disabilities, injuries, and pregnancies, to allergies to certain fabrics and other materials. Getting a full understanding of the client’s needs will help make a boudoir session go smoothly.

4. A Boudoir Photographer Asks What Clients Love About Themselves

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Once all concerns have been identified and all potential risks have been accounted for, the next thing a boudoir photographer will ask about is what clients love about themselves. This is important for knowing what clients would like to showcase in their photos, which will be just as varied as the aspects of themselves they don’t want to showcase. 

As an example, some women may want to draw more attention to their legs than other parts of their body. Others may want to show off their chest and neck, and others may want to show off their backside. Some women may even love and choose to showcase multiple aspects of their bodies. The key is to always stick to what the client feels comfortable doing.   

5. Ask Clients To Describe The Ideal Image Of Themselves

Build trust with boudoir photography clients by asking the right questions, with Black Lace Boudoir showcasing client posing for Boudoir Photography in Fredericksburg, VA

Related to that last point is asking clients to describe the ideal image of themselves. After all, they’re choosing to do a boudoir photo session because they have an ideal image in mind they would like to turn into reality. It is the photographer’s job to help the client realize that ideal image through strategic posing, finding the right angles, and using the right setting. 

Once a boudoir photographer has a strong understanding of what a client wants to get out of their session, and a client has a full understanding of what they can expect from their session, both client and photographer will be ready do to business! 

Rami is a professional boudoir photographer who lives for female empowerment and encourages women to embrace their own stories in all their authenticity. To learn more about how Black Lace Boudoir can give you the boudoir session of a lifetime, check out our portfolio and services pages for more details, or contact Rami at 540-369-4088 or by email.


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