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What is Boudoir Photography?

Over the last few years, Boudoir Photography has increased in popularity, quickly becoming one of the more respected and pursued photography genres. But boudoir photography isn’t an overnight sensation. In fact, boudoir photography has a long history dating back as far as the 1920’s.

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What exactly is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is a sultry professional photo shoot meant as a special gift to either yourself or your partner. Boudoir photography, also known as sensual photography, is a photographic style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, according to Wikipedia. Most importantly, at Black Lace Boudoir, we believe boudoir photography to be empowering by giving women the opportunity to express themselves freely.

The beauty of boudoir photography is that the style is completely up to you, the subject of the boudoir photo shoot! Boudoir photos can range from intimate and flirtatious to extremely sexy, depending upon your comfort level and preferences. Boudoir photos definitely don’t need to be X-rated; in fact, PG-13 style boudoir photos are perfect!

What are Examples of Boudoir Photography Styles?

Boudoir photography can draw inspiration from almost anywhere from nearly any time period! Some of the most popular boudoir themes or inspirations are:

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maternity boudoir photo session
  • Classic Pin-Up
  • Implied Nudes
  • Dramatic (Low-Key)
  • Luminous (High-Key)
  • Playful
  • Vogue
  • Bridal
  • Vintage
  • Maternity

To get inspired for your boudoir photography session, check out our boudoir portfolio.

Who Takes Boudoir Photos?

At Black Lace Boudoir, the best boudoir photography studio near Washington D.C, our owner Rami is our photographer. Rami is an international and national award winning photography and has been shooting boudoir photography for nearly 8 years. She loves to capture still moments, giving women the opportunity to empower themselves in a way that they never have before. By choosing Rami and Black Lace Boudoir, you are ensuring that your boudoir photography session will result in high-quality photos, a professional experience, and safe, empowering experience.

How Long Does a Boudoir Session Take and What Does It Cost?

A boudoir photography sessions lasts at least 90 minutes in our studio at Black Lace Boudoir. The total amount of time spent at our studio on the day of your boudoir photo shoot will be about 5 hours. This includes pre-planning, wardrobe guidance, professional hair and make-up, four outfit choices/changes, unlimited poses, and follow up with photo editing, reveals, and ordering after the session.

Regarding the cost of a boudoir photography session, the sessions and packages start at $2,500. We offer five (5) different types of collections for you to choose from, each varying in style, and number and size of photos from your session. View our entire list of boudoir photography collection packages here.

Black Lace Boudoir is Northern Virginia’s Premier Boudoir Photography Studio

Black Lace Boudoir is an award-winning international featured photographer with a private studio located in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. We are the Boudoir Studio Washington D.C, Maryland, and Northern Virginia women use to tell their stories. Providing women with a unique and empowering boudoir experience! Contact us today to set up a free consultation to learn more and hear what all the latest rave is about.


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