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Bridal Boudoir – The New Trend

Bridal Boudoir is the NEW Trend

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Some dream of big and elaborate celebrations, others may think of something simple and intimate. When the day comes where every woman gets the opportunity to plan her wedding, she may find herself quickly overwhelmed by the available options.

Let’s be real here. Pinterest has made it easier to build and create boards that bring together elements such as colors, textures, DIY projects, and even ideal locations for your honeymoon. I also bet you may have come across a woman in white lingerie with a veil on. You may have even quickly dismissed the idea and thought to yourself, “I could never do something like that.” But as you continue your planning, that image continues to pop back up. That little voice in the back of your head is making you more curious about the idea. You may still even have some reservations that are holding you back, but you now are on a search to find out more! Maybe all the searching landed you here on this very blog.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you a bit more about Bridal Boudoir, answer those questions you are dying to know, and maybe even pique your interest into reaching out. Either way, I think you will find this blog useful for understanding why Bridal Boudoir is important.

Bridal Boudoir with veil
Bridal Boudoir with veil and engagement ring

Bridal Boudoir is not only a unique and intimate gift for your soon to be husband/wife, but this experience alone is a gift for yourself as well. There is no hiding the truth. Yes, you are ultimately planning this entire session around gifting the album to your soon-to-be husband/wife. However, our bridal clients find that this experience comes to be more of a gift they never thought they needed until they actually experience it themselves.

This experience will create a newfound love for yourself. It may even spark a little fire in you that may result in more confidence. I am sure that isn’t something you would complain about. ???? As you can see, this experience goes beyond sexy images of yourself; it is about helping everyday women, like yourself, admire who you are and the body you have.

Let’s face the fact that we aren’t getting any younger. Our bodies change, and we have to learn to love our bodies over and over again throughout life. It is a very challenging battle that requires a lifetime commitment of loving ourselves. It can be draining! Even exhausting trying to keep up with society’s ridiculous beauty standards that just aren’t realistic.

I feel strongly about the body positivity movement. So I want my work to reflect my love for all bodies and women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. We work with about 35-50 women a year in different sets. Some of those women are our boudoir clients, models, and other entrepreneurs who want updated headshots. Every single woman wants the same thing… to feel more confident and more empowered by having images that showcase their beauty in a fine art form that is realistic. They want to feel like the goddess they desire to be.

Bridal Boudoir Portraits
©Black Lace Boudoir

So, when it comes to Bridal Boudoir, I want nothing more than to have you feel comfortable knowing that your experience and images are our priority. It is my mission to ensure that my team and I go above and beyond to create that trusting relationship with you, so that you feel 100% comfortable during your session. We will send you a questionnaire after you have booked your session. The point of the questionnaire is to learn about the things you LOVE and dislike, your favorite artist, styles you want for your session, and any special request such as snacks or refreshments you’d like to have during your session. I have even made cupcakes for my clients for their birthdays!! Who doesn’t love some yummy cupcakes?!?

As you can see, this experience is all about YOU. Your images will be a lasting memory of this great experience, but the gift of your album will be something you both will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

So when should I book a bridal Boudoir session?

When booking with us here at Black Lace Boudoir, I always recommend that you book your session at least 6-12 weeks from whatever date you would like to have your product in hand. The reason for this is that our albums are all handmade, which takes some time to craft. Our turnaround time is typically 4-5 weeks; however, we do offer rush shipping and production. So in some cases, we can have products in much sooner.

What type of lingerie should I bring? Do you recommend specific places to shop?

We offer a Wardrobe Guide that has a list of places to shop both local and online. You can also take a look at our recent blog, where we shared six websites that you should check out. We also offer customized fittings from our exclusive Client Closet, which has 200+ pieces, ranging in size xs-4xl. Any pieces you decide you love and want to wear during your session will actually be laid out for you when you arrive for your session. So, all the stress and worry about what to bring is taken care! You can basically arrive with your essentials and we take care of the rest.

©Black Lace Boudoir

I love all the makeup on the ladies in your portfolio. How can I get my makeup to look like that?

I truly feel that makeup and hair is just such an essential part of a boudoir session. Your session will include professional hair & makeup from our lead artist. It is just another ingredient that makes this entire experience fabulous! As a bride, I am sure you don’t want to stress about trying to figure out even more details for an event. So you won’t need to worry about bringing any of your own makeup or other hair products. Our talented artist will have everything and more to do the job and do it professionally.

I am not a traditional bride looking for the “white lingerie look.” Do I have to do that kind of look for my bridal boudoir session?

That is perfectly okay! We have worked with many brides who prefer a more classic boudoir look, instead of all white. Take a look at this bride’s bridal boudoir session. For many of those brides, they have incorporated one bridal look into their session. That look could consist of white, blush, or cream lingerie with or without a veil. We have several accessories in our Client Closet that you can borrow, like bridal veils! I know many brides aren’t wearing veils, but love the look of them. So, we have three different options you can choose from if you do find yourself wanting to do a “traditional bride” look for one of the 4 outfits you get to wear.

©Black Lace Boudoir

How long does it take to see my images?

Another bonus of working with Black Lace Boudoir is we provide same-day reveal! So right after your session, we will break for about 45 minutes and then present to you a slideshow of your images. There is no having to wait for two weeks to see your pictures then order. We provide the luxury of having your entire experience done the same-day! Same-day reveal is actually ideal for many of our clients, especially our brides, who are sometimes working with a short time-frame.

I see you offer albums. That sounds perfect, but is that the only product you offer?

Our albums are our most popular purchased product, whether in a collection or by themselves. That is for a very good reason! All of our albums are handcrafted. We offer over 35 different cover material options, from high-end textured designs to leather, velvet, and linen. Each album comes with a keepsake box to store them in or even display them. You can choose from 4 different size albums! 8×8, 9×12, 10×10, or our FAVORITE 12×12! 

So you can see, with just some of those details, why they are so popular! We also offer Folio Boxes with prints, Vintage Viewfinders, Mini Accordions, Fine Art Metals, and Canvas prints, plus more other fun items to display your images. You can also purchase a collection that provides an assortment of products + digital images! Take a look at what our products look like here.

©Black Lace Boudoir

So this sounds like this is a lot that goes into this. Is it possible for me to just pick a few images?

Ideally, you could do this, however, you will quickly find that this experience isn’t about taking home a few images. You are investing in a luxury day at our studio, which provides you with a professional makeover, personalized stylist to help you select the best outfits, and an experience that you will want to remember! We are all about pampering you with a day that is full of girl talk and laughter! Our boutique-like studio is all about embracing who you are and making sure you display your pictures in something that is timeless and unique. Unfortunately, we do not provide any clients with the option to purchase digital images or prints individually. However, you can still purchase fewer images with our Folio Boxes that start with 10 matted prints OR albums starting with 20 images inside.  

Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes, we do! We currently offer a few different types of payment plans. Each one provides its own set of bonuses based on your budget and your overall needs for flexible payments. I recommend checking out the Payment Plan post here. You will find this post to be extremely useful when it comes to deciding which payment plan would be best.


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