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What is Maternity Boudoir and Why You Should Do It!

Pregnancy is different for everyone. Yet it can often be beautiful as you prepare to bring new life into this world. What better way to celebrate the gift of life than by commemorating your beautiful body as it changes to prepare for motherhood than a maternity boudoir photo session?! Boudoir photography is a powerful tool for women to rediscover and embrace their one-of-a-kind beauty…and pregnancy only enhances that beauty! In this post, we’ll cover just exactly what maternity boudoir is and why any expectant mother should consider scheduling a boudoir photo session.

What is Maternity Boudoir?

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Maternity boudoir, also known as pregnancy boudoir, is all about highlighting the beauty of a pregnant female body. Just as in standard boudoir photography, the model is photographed in lingerie, night gowns, and via implied nudity.

Why You Should Do a Pregnant Boudoir Photo Shoot

There are many reasons to have a boudoir maternity shoot. During pregnancy, women often start to feel more comfortable about their body as they go through pregnancy. They come to understand how beautiful and magical the female body is when it comes to growing another human life.

Often, pregnancy makes women feel more sensual and feminine. This is because curves become accentuated, and hormones are being produced at a high rate. Many women tell us that they have never felt as sexy and comfortable in their body as they do during their pregnancy.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that many women decide to schedule a boudoir session with a professional boudoir photographer in Fredericksburg. We partner with women to help capture this special time in their life and turn them into beautiful photographs as keepsakes or gifts for their spouse. Maternity boudoir is a great way to remember and capture what becoming a mother, for the first time or for the 5th time, feels like.

But What if I don’t Feel Comfortable with My Body During Pregnancy?

pregnancy boudoir photo shoot in washington dc

This is a common question that we see with pregnant women. For every woman that loves how she looks and feels during pregnancy, there is one that feels the opposite. Let’s be honest: during pregnancy body parts are growing, swelling, and being stretched. For these reasons, we believe it is all the more important that these women consider a pregnancy boudoir photography session! Our professional photography, Rami, has the experience, expertise, and most importantly the trust factor to help women feel beautiful, sensual, and love their bodies.

One of the biggest benefits to being a boudoir photographer is getting to see how people change the way they feel in their body during a session. Being able to be a part of your experience of loving and celebrating the female body is not only a boost to your morale and self-confidence, but gives us joy too!

When is the Best Time to Schedule a Maternity Boudoir Shoot?

The best time to take boudoir maternity pictures is between the 27-33 weeks of pregnancy. This time period is typically when women have a defined baby bump and are showing that natural “glow” so often talked about. Keep in mind that every body is different, and every pregnancy is different, so you may want your pregnancy boudoir photos before or after the aforementioned time period.

Black Lace Boudoir: Boudoir Photographer near Washington, D.C.

Black Lace Boudoir is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and features a private studio for our clients. We offer complimentary hair and makeup for your session, and promise same-day reveal and ordering. We also serve Washington, DC, Baltimore, Newport News, Virginia Beach, and all of Northern Virginia. If you’re interested in learning more about a boudoir photography, schedule a free boudoir consultation today!


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