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Plus Size Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography has no requirement for shape or size, and that is one of the appeals to this type of expressive photography. As women we are our toughest critic when it comes to appearance. In this article we will discuss why you should consider a boudoir session and the types of poses that will have you falling in love with who you are, all while taking a stance that beauty comes in all forms. Women are experiencing increased confidence and have an extra pep in their step after seeing themselves through the lens of gifted photographers.  Many women envision boudoir photography as being a genre for slim “model types” but thanks to the curvy girl movement, women of all shapes and sizes are eager to partake in this inspirational movement!

Strike a Pose

Just as with any photo session you want to be on point with your poses. Before you go to have your session be sure to do research on the many poses that you can, and practice them at home, just to add a little more comfortability into your shoot. Boudoir is meant to be a pleasant experience not one that you have reservations about. Lets dive into some poses you can do during your professional boudoir photo shoot.

 Show Off Your Side

Posing from the side in this example pose or lying is a fantastic opportunity to create a sexy, mysterious look. It’s also an excellent time for plus size models to reveal tattoos. As a bonus, dress up in jewelry. Heels complement this pose. 

 Boudoir Photography
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Boudoir Photography

Aerial Approach

Aerial poses reveal a more sensual side of you. This pose is a more intimate one. You can have a lot of fun with your session striking this show stopping position in your photographs. Many boudoir photographers swear by this higher point of view in order to flatter your body, your photographer will more than likely ask you to lay down on the floor, then they will begin taking pictures of you from above to accentuate all of your features!

Boudoir, corset

Dress up With a Corset

Who does not love an hour glass figure? Corsets are traditionally used in all Boudoir sessions. The reason for this is the effect it has on your body shape, a corset that fits well accents a plus size model’s curves and delivers you a beautiful hour glass figure!

Boudoir, Black lace

Show Off Those Curves!

Believe it or not, but plus-size models have an advantage when it comes to boudoir photography sessions. CURVES! You may see your curves as a down side, but your photographer will see your curves for the beauty they they posses. If you mention a bridge pose to your photographer this is the best way to grab a beautiful shot of those curves! Another popular pose is posing with your back arched and your legs hanging off the bed!

Why Should I Do A Plus-Size Boudoir Session?

Now that we have went over a few poses you can practice at home, and experiment before your big day, lets talk about the obvious why as to why you should jump on the opportunity to learn to love who you are more! Body image is a big challenge for women we are constantly looking at the media and picking ourselves apart in order to fit into the stereotypical image the world believes we need to have. Boudoir photography has opened the door for body positivity and breaking the mold on embracing who we are and learning that it is okay to not be like those girls in the magazines and on the television. Once you learn to love yourself and step out of your comfort zones, you will start to feel the effects and notice many aspects of your life changing due to your new found outlook. Be a apart of this movement and book your session, and toss those insecure useless emotions out the window, it is your time to shine!


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