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Why A Boudoir Photoshoot After Surgery Is Grounding

Whether you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth removed or a C Section, there’s no way around the fact that surgery is invasive. After being anesthetized, you wake feeling like a stranger in your own body. Maybe parts of your body are scarred and stiff; maybe you are partially immobilized. The truth of surgery is, the actual procedure is just the very beginning of the treatment; the ensuing physical therapy and “getting up to speed” is what accounts for the bulk of the healing. This process can be long and painful, but it doesn’t have to be without moments of celebration and joy. In this article, we go over the top reasons why a boudoir photoshoot after surgery is just the right step to take that will leave you feeling more empowered than pre-op!

Boudoir Photo Shoots Get You Centered in Your Body

First of all, the whole point of boudoir is to have fun and turn yourself on! After an experience as traumatic to the body as surgery, getting centered on feelings of joy, playfulness, and expression can be a welcome break from the recovery process. While the road to recovery may be long and challenging, it’s wise to take breaks along the way to refill your cup. Taking the time to indulge yourself is an important part of working towards the life that you want!

Get to Know Your Body Post-Op

After surgery, a boudoir photoshoot is also a great way of getting to know your body post-op. What’s your new range of motion? How far have you come and what healing do you have left to do? Has what makes you feel sexy changed at all? How do you wear your scars? Part of the beauty of boudoir photoshoots is they are a safe place to explore and expand in the direction of new experiences.

Being Strong Is Sexy

Third, you don’t have to be as tough as the heroines of “Death Proof” to know a thing or two about close scrapes with mortality. Celebrate the milestone of your continued life through the act of boudoir. Don’t hide those scars! Embrace them, flaunt them, love them. How many times in the past have you overcome challenges? This is just another one of those. And remember, “that which does not kill me…”

Post-Op Boudoir Photoshoots: A Chance for Healing

If you’ve recently gone under a surgeon’s knife, you may be looking for ways to get back on your feet. The recovery process doesn’t have to be all doctor’s offices and physical therapy rooms–an important part of recovery lies in reclaiming experiences of pleasure in your body; this can be achieved with boudoir.

Are you interested in incorporating boudoir on your healing journey? Contact us today to book a session!

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