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Why Cozy Aesthetic Boudoir Photography Is Liberating

America has a long history of idolizing the girl next door. With each newly emerged icon in American culture, we further explore the range of palatable adult play. If you’re familiar with boudoir photography, you know that sessions can range in theme from glamorous pinup girl to raw natural beauty–but have you heard of the cozy boudoir photoshoot?

Without all the frills and accouterments associated with other boudoir themes, there’s something special about feeling cozy and sexy at the same time. In this article, we break down why the cozy boudoir photoshoot will win your heart! (Interested in boudoir photography in the Washington D.C. area? Click the link to learn more!)

Cozy Boudoir Photography Is “Girl Next Door”

Haven’t you ever had a crush on somebody? That’s the kind of vibe we get from the “girl next door.” Approachable and down-to-earth, this common character in pop culture often describes the main character’s–often secondary–love interest. Whether through fate or circumstance, the main character eventually realizes that the girl next door has always been there, through thick and thin. Her supportive, long-game approach to love makes her a slow-burner love interest with inarguable results! From Doris Day to Betty from the Archie comics, this approachable female trope will likely continue to inspire men (and women!) well into the future. Why not tap into this source of inspiration for your next boudoir photoshoot?

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Whether you opt for a plain white t-shirt or a cozy sweater, a cozy boudoir photoshoot is an excuse to get down to the bare essentials of what makes you feel most at home. Seriously ask yourself the question: how can I feel my best today? For some people, the answer to that question does not come with straps and lace. How would it feel to be totally comfortable in your own skin in the intimate setting of boudoir? Share your full sexy self with your photographer, but keep it authentic too. Boudoir photos capture this type of intimacy and can connect you to larger aspects of yourself that you want to cherish, in addition to your body or sexuality. The bottom line: boudoir is all about making you feel good!

Effortlessly Turn Him On

Whether you see boudoir photography as a gift to yourself or a gift to your partner, there are benefits that go both ways. What partner wouldn’t love to see you turned on in their button-up? This simple gesture can go a long way towards making your partner feel truly cared for in addition to being desired. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper (and less hassle) than buying an expensive set of lingerie…a win-win!

Cozy Boudoir Photography: Your Next Theme

If you’ve learned anything about cozy boudoir over the course of this post, you now understand the cozy aesthetic. Tapping into the accessible wisdom of “the girl next door” is just one way to win over your lover’s heart, and just another way to explore yourself. By truly pondering what makes you most comfortable, your authentic self will shine through–and that is worth capturing.

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