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Renewing your boudoir photos can be as easy as taking yearly Christmas card photos as a family. Photoshoots happen year round for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, holidays and more. They are planned and invested in to document a special moment in time and capture growth to reflect on. Why should boudoir be any different? 

Just as family photos are captured and Christmas cards saved year after year, everyone loves to see the growth of their loved ones over time. This is most commonly noticed in the rapid growth of children getting taller, losing teeth, growing their hair. Those changes are noticed when compared year to year. Just like the physical changes we see, emotional changes and memories are made each year and those memories are held onto forever. Our bodies are a wonderful thing, no two are exactly alike and even yours changes over time. Over the years your body lays out an intimate story that only you and your loved ones get to experience. Those memories should be captured and cherished like any other special event. Book a session with Rami today and Capture it in each of its stages. Doing so will allow you to reflect on the resilience and growth only you have felt through the moments such as births, loss, health, joy, intimacy, activity, making you who you are today.

Boudoir Photography, Fredericksburg Virginia

Be proud in your skin

Everything about you, perfect and imperfect is worth remembering. Passing down that documentation of confidence in your skin through every stage is something to cherish. Once or even twice yearly boudoir can help tell your story and share your memories. Rami has covered Boudoir photography in larger cities such as Washington DC, Maryland, Richmond, Williamsburg, Annapolis, Baltimore and Fredericksburg. She has the expertise to make any occasion special. Rami of Black Lace Boudoir will use her knowledge and experience to capture your body in any setting. For example, these settings don’t have to be a holiday theme such as Christmas or Valentines Day. While these are popular holiday sessions with boudoir photographers and photographers in general, boudoir photos can and should be taken year round. Some unique boudoir setting ideas include, florals for spring, current hobbies used as props, favorite colors for emotions such as moody or bright. Each of these settings ties an emotion and memory to them allowing you to walk away with a chapter of your life in each session. 

There is no limit to what our bodies can do especially as women. We discover something new about ourselves each day. All of these scars, marks and changes remind us that we can adapt to anything life throws at us and that is something to show off more often than we do now. Whether in black lace or nothing but cozying up in your favorite robe, boudoir photography aims to capture your best memories and tell your story by empowering women to be confident in their everyday life.

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Black Lace Boudoir; Discovering you

Book a session with Rami today to begin capturing your most intimate memories. One day you’ll look back on them to love and appreciate the life you’ve lived as well as the skin you lived it in. Black Lace has been empowering women for years, and wants to help you to love the skin you are in, one photo at a time.


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