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Too Fat For Boudoir? Not a Chance! | Warrenton, VA

The most common statement I get from other women when talking to them about boudoir is…. ” I am too fat for boudoir” or “I need to lose 10 pounds before I can book you”   It saddens me when women tell me this. Our world is so focus on women having this perfect body image that it is sicking to know that so many beautiful women would never consider Boudoir just because they think they are “too fat” for boudoir.

In the 1920s boudoir photography began to come into its own.  In this decade photographers like Albert Arthur Allen, a French artist created masterpieces of  larger women. He poised them in romantic ways against backdrops.

In 1940s boudoir suddenly went front an entire differently type of style to pin-up.  These women were delightfully curvy, as popular standards deemed a lack of shape typically undesirable. It was a culture that was different from our modern and ridiculous idea of beauty.  The pin-up girls wore men’s ties, corsets, stockings, and hates.  They were among the first to use variety of props in their portraits.

The next change in the evolution of boudoir was in 1970s. It was in this time when photography began to carve a place for itself in the professional world of art.  Many magazines began to feature photographs of real women rather then drawings.  The vision of female form became more creative boudoir photography which became more acceptable.

Boudoir photographAlbert_Arthur_Allen (14)y and “art” is often misunderstood, and this could be considered a result of the total change of style in the 1970s.  Women who didn’t wear any underwear or bras began appearing in photographs and in artwork. It was being used for more artist purpose only, many people simply could not shake off the idea that this was just a glorified pornography.  Sometimes cultural taboos are hard to break.

Over the last three decades the opinion of what others though of boudoir has changed.  Boudoir photography is not only completely accepted but is highly encountered and celebrated by many. People not only enjoy this kind of photography as work of art in their homes.  Women often look for photographers who can help them boost their confidence and also recreate classic boudoir photographers.

We live in a culture that has a terrible habit of reducing women to mere objects.  The media is responsible for portraying an image of women that is unrealistic and unattainable.  This as caused many women to look negatively upon themselves.  When you are looking at yourself through this lens you are only getting one side of the story.  That is the wrong side because the truth is there is no standard of beauty to be judge by.  Each women is extraordinary in her very own way and is simply stunningno such thing as too fat for boudoir, no one is too fat for boudoir, you are not too fat for boudoir, plus size boudoir, body positivity, Black Lace Boudoir, Fredericksburg, VA

A boudoir session is designed to help you become more comfortable in your own skin. First you are greeted by the our hair and make up artist. Our studio is set up to make you feel like you most important person in the world with chocolate strawberries, truffles, or cupcakes! Then we offer refreshments like water or your favorite nonalcoholic drink.  Once you have been in front of the camera for a short time you will start to feel more relax and be more confident, shaking off your self-consciousness and embracing the inner beauty.  Afterwards, you will be feeling in control and absolutely alive.  You will leave with more confidence and feeling like you are on top of the world!

Once you see your images, that old misguided lens that our world has given you, that one that had nothing but negativity to share with you will evaporate.  What will happen is that you will be given a new perspective of yourself.  At first you’ll look at the pictures and say “is this really me”? becasue the person you see you do not recognize immediately. Let’s face it, you are not use to seeing yourself this way.  After moments your eyes will adjust and you will see the your true beauty in front of you.  You will see you are flawless and simply gorgeous!  You will learn to embrace yourself more becasue you can see that beauty is truly one of a kind, and no one can be as unique as you.

So the next time you THINK you are too “fat” for boudoir, remember you are NOT.  Boudoir is for all types of women!

Credit to Marisa Leigh


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