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When you make the choice to do a boudoir session you are deciding to love yourself and take a leap of faith against all the negative thoughts that may run through your mind. You may be hesitant still worried that you have to be completely nude for your boudoir session. You do not have to get naked for your boudoir session. In fact, you can even do a “boudoir” session fully dressed! Once you’re ready for a boudoir session – an experience that is both exhilarating and empowering – you help us determine where we take it based on your reason for doing the session. If you are wanting to feel the deep impact on improving how you view yourself and your level of confidence talk to your chosen boudoir photographer and they will give you many different options you can wear for your session. In this article we will discuss some options where you are not exposed and nude for you to have in mind when you talk to the professional boudoir photographer.

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You have options

No one is going to make you do anything you are not comfortable doing in your session. Mainly because this is all for you. You are the center of the entire project. Once you talk to your photographer, they will put you at ease. You can wear a full body suit like pictured to the right. This is very casual sexy apparel, which gives the sexy vibe but in a way you can feel comfortable. You can even wear a t-shirt, robe, towel, sheet, nightgown that you find to be beautiful, literally anything. The best part is most boudoir studios have glam closets where you can look and find something that will be comfortable on you and for you.

Explore your wardrobe

When you are looking for something to wear remember that you want it to fit comfortably not too tight where it will cause the discomfort to show in your final pictures. You can wear literally whatever you want too for your session. Remember no one will see these images unless you allow them too. Take the leap and spend a day being you and finding the inner goddess you have inside. Pictures are powerful, and when you see them, what you once saw as a flaw you will now see as an asset.

Black Lace Boudoir; Easing your mind

Rami has been in the business and breaking the mold when it comes to boudoir photography in Fredericksburg, Baltimore and surrounding areas. Working with hundreds of women respecting their wishes and delivering beautiful product. Check out her site and book a consult today!


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