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You Body Tells a Story

Through life our bodies tell a story. Sometimes we do not take the time to listen to the story they tell. From scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and grey hair it all embodies your life story and the path that made you who you are today. Our bodies are a map of our histories, the narrative of our lives; they record the ways in which we were brought up, they chronicle our accidents and illnesses, our emotional experiences and our beliefs. They reflect the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories others tell about us. Even if you had a really good life it still shows in your body. The good the bad and the ugly are imprinted on you. At some point you have to be ready to embrace all of it, so you no longer see this as a negative but as part of your story. Boudoir photography is the way to embrace your body and the story it tells about you. In this article we will go over how Boudoir photography can release you from hiding your scars and your story and to embrace it instead.

Boudoir Photography, Washington DC

Scars to Beautiful

Women go through many changes in life. We have kids, we work hard, and we tend to always place everyone ahead of ourselves, and we have to take the time to face those insecurities and put them to rest so you can live your life free of carrying it around. The most common body issues are weight, stretch marks, and scars. in boudoir photography those parts of you that you are trying to hide, start to shine in each and every picture. Some women try to convince themselves that they need to be super model material to even do a boudoir session, this is simply not even close to true. The entire purpose in boudoir is to empower women. Women who have been taught that their body or their look is not right for this world. Rami at Black Lace Boudoir makes it her mission to bust those myths wide open, and help you to see that you are worth it, and you are beautiful, imperfections and all. In Boudoir the professional photographer will accentuate what you are insecure about and show you through the power of a photograph that it is not in fact a flaw but an asset to who you are.

Boudoir Photography, Fredericksburg

Black Lace Boudoir; Destroying Insecurities

Black lace Boudoir is located in Fredericksburg Virginia. Her Clients are based in Washington DC, Maryland, Jamestown, Williamsburg, Annapolis, Baltimore, and other surrounding areas. Rami has an eye for putting all of those features you try to hide in the light and to help you to love the things about yourself that are effecting your self worth. If you look at her portfolio you can see her amazing talent in each and every shot you come across. If you are looking to learn to lay those negative thoughts to rest and start anew, contact Black Lace Boudoir and book your session and start your journey.


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