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5 Creative Ideas for Gifting Boudoir Photos

So you’ve finally done it! You’ve taken the plunge and scheduled a boudoir photography session with one of Washington D.C.’s best boudoir photographers. You’ve planned out what you want the session to look like, and have decided on the style of boudoir photography you want for your shoot. Whether your boudoir session is going to be a more traditional session or themed, we’re here to share some of our favorite, and most creative ways, to share your boudoir photos with your significant other.

1. Show Off Your Personality

boudoir photography in washington capitals jersey

One of the best ways to not only enjoy your boudoir photography session and get the best results is to show off your unique personality! Are you getting married to the love of your life and you want to gift him with intimate, sexy photos? Maybe you’re a huge sports fan and you want to take a few poses in his favorite team’s jersey! By showing off your personality in your boudoir photography session, you’ll be making a great gift for a wedding, anniversary, or father’s day.

2. Celebrate Yourself

Not having a spouse or significant other is the perfect reason to not gift your boudoir photos creatively, right?? WRONG! One of the most beautiful, and meaningful, aspects of boudoir photography is the celebration and empowerment of the female body. We’ve seen women who regularly schedule boudoir sessions yearly, every 5 years, or every 10 years as a way to celebrate life’s journeys. Take this idea the extra step and write a letter to future self! A letter you can’t open and read until you’re also viewing your most recent boudoir session. That way you can honestly look at the images of yourself while reading your past hopes/goals/fears/insecurities/triumphs. HOW EMPOWERING!

3. Movie Night…With a Twist!

Have your significant other that instead of your normal date night out, you want to have a movie night in. Pick up a movie and snacks, spread a blanket out on the floor, light a few candles, and grab your movie. By your movie, we mean a DVD slideshow of your boudoir images for him. This is sure to ratchet up the intensity and lead to a night where you can both enjoy each other’s company. And we’re positive he won’t mind not watching the latest rom-com you picked out 😉

4. Non-Traditional Maternity Photos

maternity boudoir photography

Many women decide to have maternity photos done while expecting the birth of their child. Maternity photos are a fantastic way to document the changes of your body during an incredible time of your life. Consider the sexy alternative to traditional maternity photos and book a boudoir maternity session. Boudoir maternity photography is a great alternative for the couple who finds the changes of a woman’s body particularly enticing. Consider gifting your baby daddy with a maternity boudoir photo set as a thank you for his support throughout the journey.

5. The Trail of Love

boudoir photo sets

This might be one of our personal favorite ideas! You’ve had your boudoir photo shoot, and you’ve picked out your favorite shots. All the while, your significant other has been kept in the dark about your experience. Pick your favorite photos, and print them out in 4×6 or 5×7 size and leave a trail from the doorway to the bedroom. Leave little love messages along the way sprinkled between your sultry photos, such as “I’m waiting for you” or “I can’t wait to kiss you”. Once you’ve led him all over the house to the bedroom, set the mood with candles, champagne, and any other romantic details you prefer. But be ready…he’ll be wanting to thank you enthusiastically!

However you choose to gift you boudoir images, have fun and enjoy the experience! If you’re interested in scheduling your boudoir photography session, contact us today!


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