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Different Outfit Ideas For The Modest Woman, Boudoir

It is okay to be a modest woman, there is nothing wrong with being more conservative and wanting to partake in a boudoir session. You have options on many other forms of attire that you can wear, boudoir does not only have to be lingerie it can be so much more with your own different spin on it. In this article we will discuss some other clothing choices you could use to give you an idea of what is out there in the art of boudoir.

Maternity boudoir classic

His Shirt

For a cute and at the same time sexy boudoir outfit, take his one-colored shirt and tie it up. This garment looks great with underwear or shorts. It will be a great idea if you are not quite ready to undress. This look has enough to give some imagination a twist. It is classy and sexy all at the same time. Definitely an option for your session you should think about considering if you do not want to feel so exposed in front of the camera.

Classy Boudoir sweater look

Oversized Sweater

In case you prefer to have something on during the shoot, then think of wearing an oversized sweater. Prefer magazine or glamour photography poses, for instance, expose your long and beautiful legs, giving freedom to the imagination. The sweater leaves enough to work with, when you think of movies etc. women in nothing but a sweater or t-shirt have extreme sexual appeal without showing too much.

fun birthday shoot

Classy Dress

Boudoir clothing is supposed to be sexy but not vulgar and revealing. A garment should emphasize your body and shapes. An excellent choice would be a sexy, tight-fitting dress. You will be irresistible in it. Take the dress and work it! You can do many poses in just a simple dress. Add a little jewelry to set it off and work those assets.

bodysuit boudoir

Body Suits

For sexy boudoir outfits, a bodysuit is an ideal option. It will look great in the frame and is a helpful trick to hide your tummy. In addition, a lace bodysuit looks very sexy. You can wear attire that covers parts of you that you are insecure about, it is completely fine to do so, no one is going to fault you for it, and your session will still be just as good as the girl who wore full lingerie.

white sheet boudoir

A Sheet

Yes, I said sheet. As you can see in this photograph a beautiful photo taken by Black Lace Boudoir, she is using this sheet as her attire for her session, and she is working it! You can do many different poses with a sheet, you can wrap yourself in it, you can halfway cover yourself, the possibilities are endless with this option as well!

A Coat

Look through your wardrobe and find a sexy coat. Wear it along with your favorite high heels. You will get a very mysterious image. Coats have a seductive look to them. You can do many poses with a coat on and you feel like you are wrapped and protected while wearing them

As you can see you have many options for your session to fit your level of what you are comfortable with doing. Do not let small fears such as “what will I wear set you back from having this experience that can surely change your life for the better! Take the time to look at what other women have wore for their shoots and gather ideas from that and let your photographer in on what it is you want at the end of the day.


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