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Ideas for a Maternity Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir maternity photos are a great way for expectant mommas to show off their sexy, sensual side, baby bump and all! Even if pregnancy has made you self-conscious of your changing body, maternity is beautiful and so are you! You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your body, and pregnancy boudoir photos are a great way of boosting your confidence while celebrating this momentous occasion! In this post, we’ll lay some ideas to help make your maternity boudoir photo session nothing short of a success!

maternity boudoir photography

Utilize Simple Outfits to Accentuate Your Curves

One of the most common questions asked about pregnancy boudoir photos is in regarding what to wear. The simple answer is whatever you feel comfortable wearing! Choose lingerie, a button down shirt, a plain tee, and pajamas are all perfectly acceptable for your photo shoot!

We recommend simple outfits during maternity boudoir sessions because we want to focus to be on your beautiful bump! You can even play around using bed sheets, scarves, and other light items.

Use Poses that Highlight the Belly

You’ve decided to commemorate this amazing time in your life to highlight your baby bump. Practice at home researching some poses and postures (that are comfortable of course!) that will help accentuate your belly. Our team wants to help you convey the miracle that is growing inside, and our job is ensure that we capture you at your best! Some ideas for poses for pregnancy boudoir include lying down with hands on your belly, or sitting cross-legged and holding your belly from below.

maternity boudoir

Use Props!

Traditional boudoir photography is known for utilizing props and various articles of clothing to embody and embolden the subject being photographed. The same applies for maternity boudoir! Baby shoes, baby clothes, baby toys, and flowers all make for excellent choices. Just be sure that whatever props you decide to use fit the theme of the photos and empower you!

maternity boudoir, pregnancy boudoir photo shoot

Include the Other Parent

Pregnancy is not a solo journey! It is about both parents venturing into the next great chapter of life together! Don’t hesitate to involve the other parent in your boudoir maternity photo session. Couples boudoir photography allows for a multitude of additional poses and picture options. By including your partner you are showing the love and intimacy shared between each other as you get ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world!

Utilize Black and White Photographs to Keep it Simple

One of the favorite “tricks of the trade” in boudoir photography is taking photos in black and white. Black and white photos can be more powerful and beautiful than colorful versions. Thanks to the lack of colors, black and white photographs allow the photographer to focus more on the subject, highlighting textures, emotions and more!

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