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Meet our 2020 Beauty Ambassadors

Meet our 2020 Beauty Ambassadors!

This post is long overdue, but I am so excited to OFFICIALLY introduce these amazing ladies to you all.

Since the summer of 2018, I set out to build a tribe to help spread my mission of empowering and inspiring women. That is when I decided to create the Beauty Ambassadors Program for Black Lace Boudoir. As you can guess there is more that goes into creating a program like this. I wanted my Beauty Ambassadors Program to SPEAK for itself. Something that went beyond just women saying “hey I represent Black Lace Boudoir”. I wanted MEANING. PASSION. REAL WOMEN. STORIES. All the things that are apart of my current business mission now. Running a business is tough. Some days aren’t full of all those pretty Instagram worthy moments, but they are REAL.

As a lot of you already know I am a one-women show. I run this entire business on my own along with being a mom of three children, my youngest be only being a year old. So it can be super overwhelming at times trying to do it all. You can read more about my personal blog talking about the struggles here.

In order to take this business to the next level, I needed to up my game. So that is when I decided to take our Beauty Ambassadors Program to the next level. That is when I knew that together all of us could spread our mission of showcasing Everyday Women with Real Stories campaign.

I feel so many women have been made to feel ashamed of their bodies and not taught to love the skin they are in. This is why I wanted to showcase everyday women and share with my audience the beauty of each of these women. It starts here. When we choose to celebrate women and their bodies by encouraging positive self-body talk! These 7 amazing women; some I have known for years, some only a short few months, each showcase something important that I felt Black Lace Boudoir needed.

Their love for supporting Every-Day Women!

Meet Kanella

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am Kanella, a mother of a beautiful and precocious 4-year-old little girl, who is the light of my life. I have a Culinary Degree and love cooking and eating 😉 but work at a Marketing Company as an office manager and accountant-couldn’t be more opposites. I am learning to embrace all the sides of me and more recently have been searching and trying to find myself and love myself more; which has been an interesting journey.  I want to be a good example for my daughter and teach her how strong and happy women can be and how life is an incredible journey and not always easy. Empowerment is my journey and I am getting closer every day and this group is a very big part of that!

What made you apply to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir?
I applied to be a Beauty Ambassador because I love the women empowerment and body positivity message that Black Lace Boudoir and the group stand for.  I wanted to be part of this amazing group of women who stand up for each other and really personify the message of the group. I wanted to spread the message of women’s empowerment through boudoir and that you can love yourself no matter your size or the stage in your life.

What does Body Positivity mean to you?
Body positivity means learning to love yourself in the skin you are in! it may not be exactly what you want to look like, but love it because it is you and you are always changing, It is the body that carried your child, got you through tough times, and sustains you every day. Thick or thin, scars or stretch marks, we are all beautiful!!

Red head

Meet Linda

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Hi, I’m Linda! I’m a thirty-something mom of one sassy girl! I work for a utility company doing internal marketing. I married my high school sweetheart and we recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. I’m usually late. I enjoy getting lost in a good album and when given the option, I’ll always take the scenic route.  I don’t need fancy. Just give me a dive bar filled with friends and good bourbon. 

What made you apply to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir?
As a plus-size woman, it’s sometimes hard to feel sexy. But after working with Rami, that changed. And I wanted to make sure all women know how beautiful and sexy they are in their own skin. I also wanted to show my daughter my actions align with my words. It easy to tell her we are all gorgeous but I need to show her I mean it.  

What does Body Positivity mean to you?
To me, it means feeling gorgeous just as you are and embracing and loving all of your curves! We are all made differently and we need to embrace our differences rather than always wanting something different. 

Meet Anita

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m a 41-year-old mom of 3. I own my own business in the tattoo industry called Immortal Prime. I’m a major foodie and I love to travel. I love art, tattoos, and spending time with family and friends.

What made you apply to become a beauty ambassador:
I’ve been following BLB (Black Lace Boudoir) now for several months. I was so impressed with every photo that I would see. I could tell that each woman felt great about herself and loved her photos. I could feel the empowerment they gained through the process when I’d look at each image. Boudoir, itself, celebrates women and the female form. Every type of body, every age, every curve, is celebrated in the most beautiful way.

What does Body Positivity mean to you?
Body Positivity is accepting and celebrating our bodies at every stage in life. Celebrating our bodies more for what they can do, and not solely focusing on what they look like. Embracing what we, or society, may perceive as imperfections; making our own rules about what is beautiful.

Beauty Ambassador 2020

Meet Tenaju

dark skin women in lingerie

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I’m an IT in the United States Navy. I’ve been in for three years this October. I’m originally from Richmond, Virginia. I have a passion for fitness and health. In my free time, you can find me at the gym or enjoying the beach. I also really enjoy music, I love to sing and play the piano. 

What made you apply to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir?
I applied to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black lace Boudoir because I love the positivity and self-love that comes with Boudoir photography. I love how warm and fuzzy Rami is and how much passion she has for what she does. 

What does Body Positivity mean to you?
Body positivity means self-love and worth to me. I believe if you love yourself your love will radiate to those around you and it will uplift those in your presence. Body positivity is loving yourself for every flaw you may have and embrace it. 

Meet Caitlyn

Tell us a bit about yourself:
Hi, I’m Caitlyn, I’m a mom of two beautiful little boys, I’m working on finishing my nursing degree and living life to the fullest! I enjoy time with my kids playing outside and anything dirt related that comes with boys!

What made you apply to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir?
The opportunity to inform other women of this beautiful company and the values that stand behind it. 

 What does Body Positivity mean to you?
 Body positivity means you embrace your self and the love you have for your body and that everyBODY is beautiful. 

tattoo women

Meet Monique

Women in lingerie

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am currently 28 years old (Leo) and about to be a new resident in the city of Manassas in my beautiful home my boyfriend and I got together. I work in the financial industry currently working with regulatory complaints. In my spare time, I love traveling and seeing what the world has to offer. I’ve been to all of North America and ten other countries. My life goal is to visit every country in the world. I will be looking forward to motherhood in my future and cannot wait for that day to come. Hopefully, sooner than later. I love experimenting with my hair and my favorite color I’ve dyed it has been blue (I was committed three years to it lol). I also love getting tattoos and having my body viewed as artwork.

What made you apply to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir?
I chose to do this opportunity because of what the company and brand meant to me. It is everything I stand for and believe in as a woman and Rami had a vision and thoroughly achieved it. The representation of her business is phenomenal and inclusive. She helps women build confidence within themselves and makes sure they know at the end of the day, that when you look in the mirror, you need to know you are beautiful and can achieve whatever you put your mind to! This position allows me to be a role model for others and exemplify what a fearless woman is.

What does Body Positivity mean to you?
It means being inclusive regardless of how our bodies may look because at the end of the day we are all beautiful. My body has done so much to me and even now with the journey, I’m embarking on an in awe of what it can and will do for me. Accepting your body at every chapter in your life is beautiful and I’m all for promoting us to love our bodies as in. You only get one body in this lifetime and you love it for carrying you through life.

Meet Helena

Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Helena, and I am a mother of 3 and a wife of nearly 22 years. I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering but work as a substitute teacher for Prince William County. Taking walks with my dog Rascal and going on date nights make me happy, and help me keep my sanity. I feel privileged to be a part of the Black Lace Boudoir message that all women are beautiful.

What made you apply to become a Beauty Ambassador with Black Lace Boudoir?
 I applied to be a Beauty Ambassador because I believe in the message that every woman is beautiful, and in helping to spread the word. No woman should ever feel that she is less than, and being an Ambassador, I felt that lifting everyone up was something I wanted to be a part of. Boudoir is also something that should be experienced by anyone that feels that they want to do so because all of us are worth the time.

What does Body Positivity mean to you?
Body positivity is knowing that wherever you are in life and however you look, you are the shape and size that you are meant to be. It is accepting yourself and those around you for who they are, especially since you do not know all the angles to everyone’s story.

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Beauty Ambassadors
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