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 “I cannot believe this is me!”


This most used phrase here at our studio during every client’s reveal.
To hear and see their excitement in front of me makes me feel good that I have shared with them what I see. A lot of women don’t see their beauty every day, or at all. When they look in the mirror, they see their flaws. Age can take toll on our body and mind which results in poor confidence among so many women. It’s struggling!  You are not alone in your thoughts, but we can help by sharing something positive with seeing ourselves in a different light. Sure, “selfies” are a fun way to take pictures and watch the comments roll in on social media and feel GOOD! But what about expressing yourself in ways you have never seen yourself before? The freedom to celebrate your womanhood, your body, all of your perfectly imperfect imperfections. Boudoir is more than just sexy women posing in lingerie. There is a powerful meaning behind every image that only the women in them would understand, and those who have experienced a session herself.

We get one chance at life, one body, why not celebrate YOURSELF?!


This session is special one for me. This beautiful woman who was so kind to allow me to share a few images from her session and a bit of my excitement why this power of boudoir is essential, not only to me but to every woman out there who has experienced a session or who may want too but has yet to gain the courage.  I am speaking to the women who are in their 40s-50s.  Women who have had children who are teenagers or young adults.

It’s your time to indulge in things you have maybe missed out on because your time was spend making sure your children had everything.  You may be reading this, and your first thoughts are. I am far too old for anything like this. WRONG!     There is not age limited in a women’s life that says she “can’t” do this.  Boudoir is a powerful way to see yourself. Its emotional moment where you see a part of you that you never even knew existed.  Its all about rediscovering yourself, learning about who you are and self accpetinace.

The first assumption of boudoir is that you have to share your images.  That is not true!  Though, most of our clients allow us to share their pictures or like this beauty only pictures that don’t show her face.  It is entirely up to you whether or not you’d like to share your pictures or not.  We respect your privacy, but we will also cheer you on whether or not you share your images publicy, or not.

Your boudoir session should be all about YOU.  








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