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What is the best wedding gift to give on your wedding day?

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The Best Wedding Gift Ideas!

OH MY GOSH! You’re getting married!!!! We have the ULTIMATE WEDDING GIFT to give on your wedding day!

The ultimate wedding gift ideal, bridal boudoir, Fredericksburg VA

Take a moment to do a little happy dance! We won’t judge!

So the wedding date is set, the venue picked, the dress ordered, and all the bridesmaids are planning your parties! Now it’s time to start focusing on the little things. Like: What are you getting your Spouse-to-be as a gift for your wedding? 

Popular gifts are a fancy whiskey, a watch, custom cufflinks, or a leather weekender bag. We love these ideas! But there’s a new trend that’s been building in popularity for the past few years: a boudoir album of the woman they’re about to marry! 

This gift is an amazing pre-wedding surprise for your soon-to-be spouse! It’s something very intimate and extremely personal. No one else will ever get this gift because it’s a gift of you! It’s intimate photos that also serve as a bit of a teaser for the wedding night!

When it comes to planning out a bridal boudoir session, we have a few tips for you, including some of the most popular bridal gifts!

It is all about timing!

When it comes to your session, timing is everything! All female staff and I know firsthand how important it is to plan everything out when it comes to weddings. I have planned two weddings in my life, and believe me, those last few months before the wedding are super busy!

So when is the best time to book?
Our studio typically books 6-8 months in advance, and bridal boudoir has to be on a particular schedule. We suggest calling to book a session at least 8-12 months in advance – to allow for adequate planning. This way, we can assist you with the best time and date and ensure everything arrives on time!

We prefer to plan your session so that your order is ready for pickup at least one month before your wedding. That way, you don’t have to worry about picking up your order during the “crunch time” of wedding planning. Our products usually take 6-8 weeks to arrive for pickup. So that means that we want your session to be no later than 4 months before your wedding. 

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Which product makes the best gift?

Another part of planning your bridal boudoir session is to figure out what exactly you want to gift your spouse-to-be! We offer a wide range of beautifully handmade and custom-designed products that allow you to create something unique and unforgettable! Do not worry if you are unsure; our job here is also to help you find the best products that fit your nears and work within your budget.


Here is a list of our MOST popular products!


Boudoir products, luxury designer album by Black Lace Boudoir.

When it comes to show-stopping products, our Estate Album is like the Chanel bag of boudoir.

This gorgeous 9″ x 12″ Estate Album comes with a crystal cover and is one of those albums; when you hold it, you can feel the weight of its quality right in your hands. It is like having a Chanel or Hermes bag but with a priceless price tag attached to it. Your album will never be reproduced or sold again. It is one of a kind, and that makes it even more priceless! Think about walking into one of those luxury designers and getting to create your own handbag. It is something many of us dream of or wish we could do. Here at Black Lace Boudoir, I have created a similar concept, but with the album you design. During your reveal you’ll be able to choose from over 30+ fabric for you album, design the inside if you prefer, and even upgrade your album, such as adding 24k gold gilding to the pages.


Boudoir products and professional boudoir prints by Fredericksburg best boudoir studio, Black Lace Boudoir.

Keeping it classy with simplicity

For some clients, designer albums are not the style they have in mind, and that is okay. Our classic albums are a simple choice for those who prefer a little black book concept. You can choose from 3 different sizes for our Classic Album, making this choice a great one for those who may prefer a larger album while keeping the overall design simple.

Though our classic albums do not offer designer upgrades such as 24k gold gliding, thicker pages, or crystal covers, they are still handmade with love!


Image slide on side table.Boudoir products and professional boudoir prints by Fredericksburg best boudoir studio, Black Lace Boudoir.

A lover of all things vintage? Then you HAVE to see this fun product!

Our next popular product is this cute Vintage Peepshow! This item is an add-on for your album, and we are obsessed with it! An adult twist on a nostalgic toy from your childhood, this Vintage Peepshow is the ultimate “For Your Eyes Only” gift! Your partner will be in for a shock when they put the viewer to their eyes and see the absolutely stunning photos of you!

Pro tip: this gift is perfect for gifting to your partner the morning of your wedding because there’s no chance of accidentally flashing your photos to anyone else! 


Boudoir products and professional boudoir prints by Fredericksburg best boudoir studio, Black Lace Boudoir.

Additionally, we also have our Mini Brag Book set! Another fun add-on item to your album. These are perfect for a partner who travels often! A set of 3” x 3” accordion books with 10 images. It’s the perfect size for a carry-on bag, a pocket, or even your purse! Oh! And did we mention that these Brag Books are magnetic? So you can stick them on your fridge for safekeeping! 

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with us where we can share with you more in-depth details about The Boudoir Experience! Our consultations are no obligation to book but a great opportunity to learn more and have your questions answered. If you don’t have any questions, don’t worry about that. We will cover everything you need to know. The best part is we can give you a book over the phone should you choose to move forward with us!



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